Trigger Configuration

Product Version

This document requires Comb Portal version 1.7.2 and greater.

Unless noted all "Intercom" references are for the MK II P/L device. 



A trigger is an event that causes an action to be preformed.

A button is pressed on a remote transmitter which results in a motorized gate to either open or close.

Trigger Qualifier

A trigger qualifier is an attribute of the trigger. 

Button two on the remote transmitter.
TimetableA schedule of when an event can take place at a particular time. A remote transmitter can only be used Monday to Friday between the hours of 08:00 to 18:00.
RoleA part played by a person in a particular situation.

The owner of the remote transmitter is the occupant of the unit in the complex.

RelayIs a device that is activated by a trigger.Relay 1 is connected to a motorized vehicle gate.

Trigger Types

Trigger TypeTrigger Qualifier
DTMFDigits 0 to 9.
RemoteButtons 1 to 6.
PIN 1Not Applicable, channel A, B, intercom keypad or peripheral device.
PIN 2 Not Applicable, channel A, B, intercom keypad or peripheral device.
CLINot Applicable.
TAPNot Applicable, channel A, B, intercom keypad or peripheral device.
TAPEXNot Applicable, channel A, B, intercom keypad or peripheral device.
ScannerDriver or vehicle license.


  1. Peripheral device is only available with TAP TAP Keypad running firmware greater then 2.0.1. See TAP TAP Installer Guide.
  2. Before any triggers can be configured for TAP TAP keypad with an ID, the keypad must be first wired up to an intercom, configured with an ID and the intercom synchronized with the back end server.


Device TypeNumber of relays
TAP TAP Keypad (FRX)1


OwnerA legal entity that owns the property.
OccupantA legal entity that is currently residing in the unit.
WorkerA person who providers a service to the Owner/Occupant.

How to define a trigger

A trigger is made up of eight properties.

NameThis is a user friendly name to quickly identify the triggerVehicle Gate South Road
DeviceThe name of the device that the trigger will be allocated to.South Road Intercom
TypeOne of the defined triggers types.DTMF
QualifierAn attribute for the trigger type Digit 6 for DTMF
DirectionThis property is not used at the moment.
Relay The required relay to be activated.Relay 2
TimeGridThe day and time when the trigger is validAll Times
RoleThe role type.Occupant


  1. For CLI to work the telephone number must be loaded on the website.
  2. If incoming call is set to "Latch relay" and CLI is set to on, the trigger will follow what is setup under trigger configuration.
  3. If incoming call is set to "Latch relay" and CLI is set to off, the trigger will activate the configured relay in the components setting.
  4. For trigger type PIN and TAP, there are extra configuration settings found under the "Component" setting for devices.
  5. Intercom keypad and Channel A are by default TAP (Incoming) channels.
  6. Channel B is by default TAPEX (outgoing) channel. 
  7. Channel A and B, if configure, will over ride the relay defined in the trigger setting.
  8. Channel A and B are configured in "Device → Quick Action → Components→ TAPEX 1".
  9. If TAP is not enabled, Channel A and Channel B are set by default to 'None'.
  10. PIN 2 trigger must first be defined otherwise the PIN 2 input box is not displayed in the Unit configuration screen.
  11. Two or more TAP TAP keypads on the same channel cannot trigger different relays.
  12. Two or more TAP TAP keypads with different configured ID's on the same channel are able to trigger different relays.
  13. TAP TAP keypads can have the same ID.
  14. TAP TAP keypads with the same ID on different channels cannot trigger different relays.
  15. The FRX relay is located in the TAP TAP keypad housing.
  16. Selecting the FRX relay on Comb Portal Website disables the intercom relays.
  17. The FRX relay will always be triggered if a valid PIN, TAP and TAPEX code is entered on the TAP TAP keyboard. 
  18. The FRX relay cannot be triggered by a valid DTMF, remote,CLI or PIN/TAP's code entered on the intercom keypad.

Version 2.0.1 TAP TAP firmware

From this version the TAP TAP keypad can be programmed with an ID. See TAP TAP Installer Guide for instructions on how to program the keypad with an ID.