Migration User Guide

How to import Complex into Comb Portal from Comb Connect

The Import CC Complex function has been created to easily migrate a complex from the Comb Connect system to the Comb Portal system.

Ensure the following is correct on Comb Connect before starting the migration

Important items to note before starting the migration process:

  • Once the migration process has been completed, only Comb Communications Support staff will be
    able to access the Organisation information on Comb Connect.

  • Please note that only devices firmware version 3.2.52 and version 3.3.31 can be migrated to Comb Portal. The older B1000 devices are not supported and will require an upgrade of hardware to MKII BB/MK II Lite.

  • Please notify the Organisation's Administration person/s or Managing Agent before commencing with
    the migration process

  • NB: Remember to document the current device configuration on Comb Connect before migration,
    to check that settings are the same after migrating or upgrading the device.

This import function automatically performs the following tasks:

  1. It creates the Organisation on Comb Portal with all the details as it exists on Comb Connect.

  2. It creates all the Units on Comb Portal as it exists on Comb Connect.

  3. It creates Occupants for the two sets of numbers and details for the unit as per Comb Connect.

  4. It checks if there is a Managing Agent linked to the Organisation on Comb Connect. If the Managing agent already exists on Comb Portal and it will automatically link the Managing Agent to the Organisation. If the Managing Agent is not found on Comb Portal, the system will send a registration request to the Managing Agent email address to register on Comb Portal.

  5. Please choose the correct firmware at this stage:

  6. You will select the action of what should happen to the devices linked to the Organisation, using the a - d below as your guide:

    1. Green PCB's version 3 (Firmware versions 3.2.53 and higher are supported) - select 'Import MK II BB device".

    2. Blue PCB's version 6 (Firmware versions - 3.3.31 and higher are supported) - select "Upgrade MK II BB device to Online(BBH)".

    3. Upgrade to an MK II Lite. (Hardware upgrade) - select ‘Upgrade to MK II Lite’.

    4. Or create the device later. (when you are doing a hardware upgrade to MK II Lite system).

      Note: Dial *#0001 to check the firmware version

  7. When the Migrate or Upgrade device option is selected, the device will be created and then migrated from Comb Connect with its current device configuration, and assign the correct licenses automatically on the Comb Portal.

  8. The remainder of the Comb Credit balance is transferred from Comb Connect to Comb Portal.

  9. The system will create all the users and link them to the Complex on Comb Portal. Each user will

    receive a User verification notification via e-mail.

  10. The system will then un-link all the Users, Managing Agent, and Installer from Comb Connect.


Import Complex from Comb Connect

1. Log in to Comb Portal (https://portal.comb-communications.com/login.jsf)

Enter your email address and password and click the LOGIN button to continue

2. Select the import CC Complex option from the menu (found under the Support Tab - left side of the screen)

Click on the Import CC Complex: This will take you to the Import Organisation from Comb Connect to Comb Portal process.

3. Select the Organisation to be imported

  1. A list of all the organisations linked to the current logged-in Installation company, will be displayed here. If you don't see your Organisation here, your Comb Code might be loaded incorrectly on Comb Portal, in this case, you will need to contact Comb Communications Support department (011 0089 5825 or e-mail to support@comb-communications.com) to correct your comb code.

  2. Click on the yellow import button to select the Organisation to import and start the import process.

4. Organisation Detail Page

  1. This displays the Organisation details as it is currently on Comb Connect.

  2. Here you will see a list of all devices currently linked to the selected Organisation in Comb Connect, for each device in this list you need to choose the import option that should be performed for the device.

  3. Select the option applicable for the selected device:

  4. This section will display the managing agent currently linked to the Organisation on Comb Connect if any managing agent is linked.

  5. This displays if the managing agent has already been registered on Comb Portal, if yes then the managing agent will automatically be linked. If not, a registration request will be sent to the managing agent, once they have registered the Complex or the Installer will have to invite them to the Complex again.

  6. Once all the required checks have been done, click next to continue with the process.

A warning message that an organisation with the same details already exists.
Please check that this Organisation does not already exist, if it does and was wrongly created you can contact the Comb Support department to remove the incorrect Organisation before importing the Organisation.




Import MK II BB Device

Updates only take place once a day (during the night)


Performs system updates on the minute. Migrate MK II BB intercom and upgrades firmware for Near Real-time functionality


Upgrading hardware from MKII BB to MKII lite device migration


Upgrading hardware from MKII BB to MKII plus device migration


Device hardware unavailable currently will link device later

5. Device Detail Page

  1. If you don't have the device serial number, then this field can be left blank, the device will then be
    created and configured but will not be linked to the physical device. If you do have a valid device, then enter the device Serial number here.

  2. Ensure you have selected to required option for the device.

  3. Once all details have been entered and confirmed click next to continue with the process.

6. Import Details Confirmation

Important: Confirm that the information entered is correct, then click on the Import Organisation button
to run the import.

7. Import Result

  1. If the organisation import was successful, a message should be displayed at the top of the screen "Complex imported successfully".

  2. If no success message is displayed, please contact Comb Support for assistance on 011 089 5825, or via email to support@comb-communications.com

  3. That concludes the import of the Organisation. Click on the "Finish" button to return your Dashboard.