Units New: Trigger Overrides

Trigger overrides is now implemented under the Units New tab. It is accessed via either the “House” or “Door” icon on the grid view or from Authenticators Tab in the “List” view.

The override icon is:

The icon will be grey if there is no override applied. If a override is applied the icon color will change to red.





When the Override icon is selected a popup box is displayed. The box indicates which organisation is selected, which unit and person the trigger override will be applied to.

Select the device and trigger type from the drop down boxes and select yes when asked to confirm the trigger override.

The trigger over is displayed, detailing the device name, qualifier, trigger name, Auth ID,which trigger will be overridden, override, time grid and a button to remove the trigger override.

Select from the Override and or time grid that is required to be changed.

Click the close/save button to save the changes.

The override Icon will now be in red.

Click on the save button to send the changes to the device.