MK II Lite/Plus/NS– Release 2.2.0 – Release Notes

Features include

Initial Release for the MK II NS (VoIP).

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MediumAs required

Release Headline Features

Ticket NumberDescription
PB-90Create MK II NS version - Initial release of MK II compatible code for the MK II range of intercoms.
MKIIPL-371Supervisor code to loop through system settings.
*#0030 Display the following:
0013 Modem registration status.
0014 Tap status.
0016 System Status.
0017 SIMchip or SIM Card.
0021 Communication Protocol.
MKIIPL-398Remove the SMS message "rebooting" after the intercom has rebooted.
MKIIPL-402Stats to be sent up every 10s on NS intercom.
MKIIPL-405Add support for sending connection setting (ALL/2G/3G/4G). Reset connection setting when board is not verified or on new SIM. Allow managing connection settings.
Various bug fixes:
Set version for wp76 to 16.01.

Changes for building on legato 19.11.2.
Fail call if PDD is exceeded.
Display error on screen if dial fails.
Handle possible call failure.
Kick system watchdog if no UART is found.
Kick Legatio watchdog if OBR is not loaded.
Don't use LTE options on WP85.
Add locale support when EEPROM is missing.
Cleanup EEPROM startup.
Make sure the RAT mask is taken into account when scanning network.
Only reset RAT if SIM card is added to the DB.
Store test results in driver if there is no EEPROM.
Allow setting host if no EEPROM is present without storing.
Use hardcoded server if set when EEPROM fails.
Fixup NULL check for EEPROM setup.
Test EEPROM on birth.
Make sure the RAT mask is taken into account when scanning network.
Fixed No Fuel Gauge when in test mode.
Add a SIM card check to test procedure to block test until SIM is inserted.
Add index 52/55 to birth packet for WP boards.
Don't start UART thread if UART fails at boot.
Fix deadlock when SX1509 devices fail.
Send a 0 Avail taps back to server with error code in the tap field not as avail taps.