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Please find the attached Nova loader setup and note that if you experience any problems while trying to download the setup,try and use Google Chrome and it should download.

Instructions If you are Using: (Window 8/10)

After installing right click on the Nova Loader icon then select the last option which is Properties, then go to Compatibility, then you will find a check box that says "Run this program in  compatibility mode for" then make sure it is checked, leave the drop down menu as windows 7 then click apply the ok...

Installing Drivers If you are using the new BTLoader:

Download the attached zip folder by clicking on it, at the top of the page you will find an arrow facing down and when you click on it it will download the drivers.from the bottom of your window you will find the downloaded zip then you right click on it and select "Show in folder", it will take you to where the zip file is located then you can right click on it from the folder and select "Extract all", after extracting it will open a folder for you to choose folders, if you are using Windows 7 you will select "Win7" and vise versa, after installing the drivers you can open the nova loader software and start capturing remotes.

To Capture Remotes

after you logged into the Nova Loader software using your existing login details you will click a blue button which looks like a play button to capture remotes, at the bottom it will say (ready to capture remote, press any button) then you can pres any button on the remote and the remote will be captured. If it gives you a Port Doesn't exist error, you can go to Application at the top, click Preferences then change the serial port. 

Please see the attached photos for loading drivers.

Please Install including the drivers bellow.

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