How to: Firmware load via USB

Procedure for loading firmware onto the MKII PL via the USB port.

Firmware Types

This procedure can be used for initial install of firmware or any updating of the firmware.


  1. Laptop or PC.
  2. Micro USB cable.

Step-by-step guide

Drivers for Sierra Wireless:

  1. Download GenericDriverSetup.exe.
  2. Install the generic drivers.

  3. Download the FDT directory.

Firmware Install

Firmware Versions

Before installing the firmware, contact Comb Communications for the latest releases. 





Connect the PC or Laptop to the device using a micro USB cable to OTG port on the device.


Before powering on the board place a jumper on the jumper block TP1.


1) Connect Power to the device.

2) Power up the device.

3) Wait 10s and remove the jumper.

4) The device is ready for flashing.


1) Open a command window.

2) Change directory to the folder containing the FDT application and Comb firmware.

3) In the command line window, enter the following command:

c:\HW_Dev\Releases\CiiS\fdt>swiflash -m "wp85" -i filename

Note: The filename can be a full path. eg. C:\Comb\comb-full-wp85-15.1.11.spk


If this pop up window is displayed, select “Yes” to continue.


Press “Enter” when required.

Window will closed.


The application firmware is loaded and flashed.

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