Troubleshooting - Cannot Access the Portal


Bad Internet or you access the internet through your system. The internet speed is required to be a minimum of 1MB/S. Try another connection or upgrade the internet access
Flash Version

Download newest version
Internet BrowserBrowser identificationWe recommend Firefox or Chrome (links)
Anti-Virus SettingsAnti-virus settingsDisable anti-virus temporarily to check. Anti-Virus settings from time to time interupt our communications. If the system works with the Anti-Virus disabled, you will need to white list or add an inclusion of our web portal address in the Anti-Virus system. Then reconnect your Anti-Virus software.
HardwareAre you trying to access the system from a tablet or a smart phoneThe System is only available on a PC or a Mac
Company FirewallSome companies do not allow access to ceratin sites.To gain access please confirm with your company IT department
Username or Password incorrectPlease follow the Forgot Password process to recreate your login details. It is possible that the details loaded on the system do not match the details which you are entering. If any details have changed or personal have changed, please send a letter, on a body corporate letter head or from an authorised representative,informing us of the change so we can verify and update the details.
Comb Server Busy or UnavailableStatus PagePlease Call Comb Support Tel: +27 (11) 089 5800