MK II BB Installation - Setting up a working system

To have a perfectly working system:

  1. Ensure that all these points are earthed correctly (remember not to connect your earth on the same line as your electric fence energiser). 
    1. Mains(220V)
    2. Surge protector
    3. Transformer
    4. Back Plate
    5. Front Plate
    6. PCB

      Earthing Tip

      Remember not to connect your earth on the same line as your electric fence energiser

  2. Always try and move the antenna around until you find a reception above 20 (Check by dialing *#0002)
    1. Always ensure your signal is above 20 for a consistant GPRS and GSM connectivity. 
    2. Do a network survey before installation to ensure that the complex uses the best reception available. 

      Handy SuperCodes

      *#0002 - GSM Signal Strength

  3. Test audio
    1. RV1 port on the board is there to help increase or decrease the gain as far as audio is concerned, use this port to adjust volume. 
    2. Ensure that the sponge around the microphone is always in place with the hole of the mic and the front plate. 
    3. If an upgrade mic is used, drill a 5 mil hole 2 centimeters left of the display(when facing the intercom), and place the mic there.
  4. Always try and have a spare of everything we sell to make troubleshooting the intercom much easier (this is of personal interest). This will help solve problems quicker.
    1. Microphone
    2. Speaker
    3. LCD keypad
    4. PCB
    5. Antenna
    6. Transformer
    7. Earth cables
    8. Mic sponge

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