Verification Email not received

Did you not receive your verification email?

For security reasons, Comb Portal uses your email address as a unique identifier, thus only one email is allowed per person and cannot be used for multiple profiles. If you have not received a verification email due to multiple accounts linked to one email address, please complete the steps below. (If you have no access to the previous administrator (original e-mail address), please send an e-mail form your own e-mail address to - Heading : LOGIN and in the body of the mail state the Complex / Estate name, your full names and your function (Admin, User or Finance admin).


1. Request your Admin user/ Installation company or Managing Agent to log in and navigate to the “User Maintenance” option under the “Administration” heading in the sidebar menu as indicated below.

2. Click the “+” button as indicated below to add a new user to the organisation.

3. Complete all the fields below. Once completed click the “Save” button followed by checking your email for the verification email.


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